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Part of keeping the finish lasting a long time is keeping it clean.  Mold and algae form quickly during the long, dark, wet winter season.  Leaving these organisms to grow can result in permanent staining and the need for aggressive techniques to get the boat clean.  If you have an enclosure on your boat or dodger, bird poop can etch the windows if left on the windows too long.  Having your boat on a routine cleaning schedule keeps the boat clean and reduces the possibility of permanent staining. 

Approximately 80 percent of our clients have us wash their boats every four weeks or monthly.   We tailor our wash programs to your needs.  For the meticulous owner, yachts are washed every other week, sometimes weekly during the peak season.  For the more budget –minded owner, a monthly, every three weeks, or even quarterly scheduled is maintained.   Any of these schedules keep your yacht clean and ready to use year around, not to mention keeping the harbormaster and your neighbors happy.   The other benefit is that your yacht is getting a set of eyes put on it and making sure fenders and lines are doing their job while you are away.

The Splash N Detail standard for washing a yacht is to use wash mitts where we can reach and soft brushes where we cannot.  Deck brushes are used on non-skid and if needed a smaller brush by hand is used to deep clean the non-skid and hard to reach areas.  Other areas that are tended to are anchor lockers, lazarette gutters, stantion bases and cabinets.   When we wash a boat, we clean a boat, not just brush off some dirt.


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